Wow, I feel like it's been forever since I last updated! Either way, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and are enjoying your break!

It was really nice staying home for Christmas, especially since it's not something my family does a lot. Christmas Eve we went to my church's candlelight service and it was really nice. We weren't sure if we were going to have it because the snow was just coming down in blankets! Then, we came back to our house and just ate a bunch of junk food, little smokies, toasted ravioli, nachos, little pizzas, etc.

Christmas morning, I awoke around 9:30 to my mother and older sister barging into my room and jumping on my bed, screaming "Merry Christmas!" at the top of their lungs. They continued to suffocate me until I threatened to start throwing stuff at them. They left and I got up and learned they had done the same to my brother, but he did throw stuff at them. Haha.

We all pitched in to help make breakfast; I made the pancakes, my father the bacon, mom the hash-browns, and my sister biscuits and gravy. (My brother was still asleep so there was no helping from him!) After that, I gave Tabor his toys I bought him from his stocking and he didn't know which one to play with first; it was hilarious.

Eventually Steven got up, and we opened up our presents as a family. I got a couple books (The Hunger Games series, Sarah's Key), Cry Baby (which I had been pining for forever. Johnny Depp = <3), the Harry Potter DVD's, and then some pajama pants and fuzzy socks. My father bought my mom an off-brand mp3 player and she opened it and didn't know what it was. xD So, we're all gonna have to help her put her music on it and whatnot.

My other brother, Ryan, is working in Greece (I'm not sure if I've mentioned that before),  so we skyped him a little bit later on and talked to him. He's coming home in February, and though I tell everyone I'm not excited he's coming home (brother/sister rivalry and whatnot), I really am.

So we kinda did our own thing after that until about 5:00. My grandpa and my aunt came over and we had Christmas Dinner, and it was delicious. We used my mom's fine china, which we never use, so it was all fancy and fun.
Christmas Dinner
Everything on the table but the ham!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, hopefully with your family. <3


12/28/2010 7:34pm

Haha, it's only been a few days! But I know what you mean; it's seem like a long time since I've last blogged and that was only 24 hours ago. xD

I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas! I was the one who woke everyone up. ;D I love Christmas. Aw, I wish we had awesome breakfasts like that! We just had Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. They were still delicious, though.

You got some awesome presents! Fuzzy socks are awesome.

Your brother is working in Greece? That is so cool! I want to work in Greece. Ah, I know what you mean. I am that way with my sister too. xD

Using nice dinnerware is always really exciting. It makes me feel important! Thanks.


Yeah, I'm not too great. I just managed to get blown up a few minutes ago on the easiest level. ;D

POTC and LOTR are pretty awesome. Ooh, Brokedown Palace? Isn't that the name of a Grateful Dead song? That is actually the name of my house in the summer community I go to. (: I will have to watch that movie!

Netflix definitely encourages the watching of movies. I have Xfinity so I watch them on my laptop sometimes.

Ew. That sounds terribly boring! I hate those kind of movies.

12/28/2010 7:46pm

Hey I'm glad you had an awesome Christmas! I'm really surprised that a grown woman and your sister were jumping on yours and your brother's bed waking you guys up when it should be the other way around xD. But that was hella funny when you said if you don't stop I'll throw something at you! LMAO!! Anyway, my Christmas was good. I would love to travel to anywhere in the world really, but my first destination would be Japan, than Taiwan! :D. Hehe.

12/29/2010 11:34pm

I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas! :D It sounds beautiful, especially with all the cooking together and using the fancy plates! :)

Our family doesn't really get into Christmas anymore. It's sad, but I always love hearing about other people's Christmases. I was always the one up first, for some reason. My parents would be like 'OHOO ... OOH' when they woke up and saw that I already opened my presents. LOL good times.

But yes, we don't really celebrate it anymore and it's kinda boring.

I think it's kinda cute you're 'not excited' to see your brother. I only have a younger brother but I'll admit that sometimes I miss him when he goes on camps and stuff. :P

Whenever it's holidays, I just want to stay up later. I'm horrible on school days though, I sleep at midnight and never beforehand. D: I can't stand waking up at noon though, I can't stand waking up after 10am in fact. I love my mornings and waking up later makes me feel like half my day is gone!

12/31/2010 7:47pm

THE HUNGER GAMES... I love those books! SO MUCH. I'm super, super excited for the upcoming movie, which comes out in either 2012 or 2013, I think. xD

You'll love them!

And ahaha. Cry-Baby is great. <3


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