Last night, the weatherman predicted that we would get around 3-5 inches of snow. My school canceled that night and I was looking forward to sleeping in the morning. Around 10:30 a.m. this morning, my mom pulled the covers off my bed and jerked me out of my happy dreams.

She ran to my window and threw back the curtains and I was immediately blinded by the brightness emanating from outside. When my eyes got adjusted to the whiteness, I couldn't believe my eyes. We had a foot of snow, holy cow!

Later on in the day, my mom sent me up to a neighbor up the street to get some cream cheese to make some gooey butter cake and I was like, sure no problem. Then I realized I don't have any good shoes to go trudge out in the snow with. So by the time I got back, everything up to my shins was soaked and very cold!

The point is, I really need a pair of boots. I've been needing some for a long while now. I've always borrowed my mom's if I really needed some but I realize that they're too big once I start walking in them and I just really need my own! We've gotten a lot of snow this winter and trekking to school through snow isn't really fun at all!

I know I don't want Uggs, or the fake rip-off Uggs either. There is just something about those boots that I just don't like. Plus, everyone and their mother (literally) has them. I was thinking something maybe like these:
Aren't these cute! Well, I thought so. ;) I figure if we have a foot of snow and I plan on getting out of the house anytime soon without having to take a change of socks, I need to get me some boots! My school has canceled for tomorrow, so I'm going to enjoy my day off of school. That's two days in a row! Hopefully I can head out to Target and try and find me some! Andrew wants to take me out to IHOP, so maybe I can get some boots before then and try them out?

and oh, how I love getting new shoes! :)

Do you own a pair of boots? If so, tell me about them! Also, do you have any suggestions regarding what kind of boots I should get?


01/21/2011 1:28am

I don't have suggestions, sorry! :( I don't get snow around here and when I go to the snow (which is rarely), I just trudge in the ski boots. LOL. I used to want to get snow around here, but I realised after reading a lot of people's blogs that that was maybe not such a good thing to wish for. :P

I think those boots are good! I have similar ones in a tan colour, they're so old. The bottom is like rubber or something, with a good sole, so it sort of has good grip, and the inside is vinyl or something so if they get soaked through, you won't get your feet wet because of the vinyl lining.

I hope you get the boots you need! :D It doesn't matter if you spend a fair bit of money as it's worth it, and you'll probably need them in years to come. Don't get ones too... big and bulky... you might still want to wear them in winter when it isn't snowing and you don't want to look a fool.

RE: Ahh be glad! Maybe because I'm always ahead of everyone in Australia so people see more of a reason to make the joke. xD

Ahhh well you wouldn't be able to use it for internet, but maybe for other things! Thankfully my wireless modem is in my room.

Lilian and I don't usually see much of each other, we talk every day but sometimes we're just so busy we don't even have the time. I don't mind, I guess I'm kind of used to it. :3

01/21/2011 6:37am

Whoa, a foot of snow? That is awesome! Apparently when I was two or three we got 28 inches or something, but I definitely do not remember that. The most that I do remember would be Christmas this year when I got five or six inches. A foot must be a crazy amount! o:

Boots are definitely very handy to have. Those boots do look cute, but what are they made of? They might get soaked and ruined if you try to walk in snow. Maybe some rain boots would be more hardy? I dunno, though. Whatever you want! (: Ah, I want to go to IHOP. I think I have only been there once in my life.

I do own a pair of fake Uggs. Not going to lie. I know they are not attractive and way too over-worn, but they are really comfortable, warm, and easy to put on. At least I don't spend all of my (parents') money on the real ones! :D


I hope you enjoy your school days off. ^^ We got a two hour delay for today.

Thanks! I didn't sew my bows; I am horrible at sewing too. I crocheted them. (: They are really easy!

Oh, I know. I never think to look in the little corner where it says the setting. I just always expect my macro to work. ;D

01/21/2011 1:34pm

Haha! Well; I am one of those very blunt people who tell it like it is, so that's why I said that haha.

Hmmmm, we rarely get snow here in California unless of course you live up in Arrowhead Lake or in Big Bear Lake. But since we've moved from Chino to Beaumont, there was hardly any snow. It did snow one time when I was four in Chino, and it did snow one time here in Beaumont but it didn't stay. I was so tickled to death over it snowing. I wanted my camera so I could at least take pictures of it but I knew it wouldn't come out. So I grabbed my cell phone and damn it it wouldn't come out either. But I didn't even have my camera so oh well. I told Casio to toss the stupid camera cause I'm not paying them $10.00 to ship it back to me. That's insane! They also said it wasn't under warranty anymore and told me I would have to pay them $85.91 for them to fix it. It was the circuit board in my camera that wasn't allowing the pictures to be uploaded. So I told my dad this and he said tell them to shove it up their a**es lol. I almost did say those exact words, but the lady was nice so I didn't. EVEN though I was literally pissed off at them, but I was still nice. So yeah.

As far as suggesting boots goes, I wouldn't really know. I'm more of a tom-boy type and not into fashion. So I really wouldn't know what pair to suggest. If I think something is pretty it's usually expensive so I intend to stay away from that unless it's on sale. But maybe try and finding something on sale? I dunno.

Anyway, yeah it feels great to be loved and to be concerned about. Even if he's 6,000 miles away and in Japan. Ya know? I just know he was upset and everything so I wrote him an email and I asked him if he got it and he said he did and he read it and I asked it did it make you feel better? he said yeah but I only understood about 50% of it cause my english skills isn't so good. But he said he'll re-read it again later and maybe he'll understand it better. But I think I said the right words to him. What he wanted to hear. Etc.etc. So *pats own back* lol. But I know he has developed feelings for me, because of the way he's been acting angry/upset/paranoid/etc. you know? Anyway. Take care and I hope you get those boots!

01/21/2011 1:55pm

Get some boots that are sturdy enough to withstand the snow.

Don't get suede because it's a killer to clean - like, seriously, I had a pair of suede boots and I decided to go out with them in the rain. Ruined them :(

I, myself, have a pair of Skechers. They are pretty good, made of waxy leather and have a pretty tough sole. I've had them for almost 2 years now and they're still going strong :)

Uggs annoy me to no end because they aren't really useful - I mean sure they are warm and whatever but at the day can they withstand ALL weather conditions? Don't think so. Plus, everyone has them - so I'd rather not have them :P x

01/21/2011 5:46pm

Those are some nice boots. The boots I have are some nice warm things for the winter. and for the rest I mostly wear heals.

I think you just need to have some good shoes that are warm and with a ferm grip in the snow (with clumsy behavier that may help a lot).

01/21/2011 5:51pm

Aw, thanks so much Becca! :D If you really want a tutorial let me know and I will write one. I could do a video one, too...

I will! It's only about 1/4 of the way done, though. xD It might be a while.

Thank you! Yeah, the last one is my favorite as well.

01/21/2011 7:37pm

Thanks Becca! Yeah, we do get a long great online even when we're both in a pissy mood haha. It's like we both can sense it. Sometimes he's an asshole, and sometimes I am. But what makes it great between us is that we can get through it like it never happened. So I agree with you, I think we'll both be really comfortable when we meet offline. I'm really hoping that May will come sooner. :(. But eh, two more months! But yeah.

I'm a cheapo shopper too. I don't like to buy anything that's outrageously high priced! Like digital camera's. I got mine on sale for like $99.99, at Target. It was red, and it was a great camera! Until it stopped uploading the pictures to the p.c. -_-. So yeah, I never did get a new one, but I mean who needs a new one when you're not out in the world doing anything? Right? But yeah, my dad's company is going to let us borrow their digital camera (hopefully) for the Meat loaf concert in March (which I'm excited about). But yeah, it's gonna be a little awkward at first, a bit shy at first but that'll pass when we meet in person. I just know it will. Ya know? Anyway, yeah I hate that they do that to you. Hell; I didn't even know I had a warranty on my camera until they told me it was already expired. I was like WHAT?! Arseholes!

01/21/2011 8:08pm

Ahh I love the Great Gatsby, it's really one of those classics you must read. There are a lot of classics I want to read but haven't yet, like those of Charles Dickens. :) I've got so many books to read and a lot of new ones lying around my room!

I remember pretty much everything my mum tells me, but it's so weird hearing it from someone else when I can't remember it for myself.

I was a pretty imaginative child too, especially in the stories I wrote. I was and still am scared of the dark, but I don't believe in ghosts now. I don't know if I did before, but the very idea frightened me!

We had these girl Diary Clubs, it was pretty funny, such a girly thing to do too, since no guys were ever interested. XD

01/21/2011 10:35pm

Wow :O! I don`t think weathers can be accurately predicted, but it can be a guesstimate :P! Based on proper things, etc. XD!

BUT WOW! a foot of snow is crazynesss! Must be a great thing to miss school then :P!

I hope you`ll get the boots you want ^__^! My friend wears UGGS or Vans boots :O My mom might buy me boots tomorrow or soon cause I got non D':

You can bump up your ACT scores and get that 28 or higher to get into the college you want ^__^! I have a loowww chance of getting into a good college. But I wanna go to USC :P

Take AP Calculus now, and in college, you can party more often ;)

01/22/2011 6:52am

Snow days would be crazy for me in general. Least I don't have to walk home in this heat anymore, though. It used to kill me D:

I do a bit of scrapbooking :D I love it. It's kinda like making collages on PSP but in real life. Much cooler.

I always have to have something to read. I love to read just before I go to bed; it makes me sleeping. I'm currently reading the Harry Potter series; not sure what I"ll read after that.

- - - -

That would suck. Walking home in the rain sucks, too. It'll by way heavy rain, windy, and my umbrella will break in three places before I reach home :(

I wouldn't wear uggs, either. Hideous cheap things, they are. And plus, everyone wears them, so it's like, ew.

Why would they call a restruant Ihop? that's just ridiculous, lol.

And I had a pair of high-heel boots, does that count? hehe.


01/23/2011 8:49am

I don't think I can recommend you boots since it doesn't snow where I live. It is still snowing there?
We experienced a cold wave in the first week of January, but thankfully its passed now.
Winter seems romantic in the T.V. with the snow and everything, but it is painful to get up in the morning for school.

Your kitchen looks good. Maybe a decorator might have done better, but this adds a personal touch. :)


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