About a month ago, in front of our refrigerator, our tile was starting to push up from the ground. There was moisture around the area, and my dad assumed that there was water under there. Water from where? We weren't sure exactly, but we guessed the fridge.

We came to the conclusion that we needed a new fridge. So, me, my mom, and my dad went out and looked at fridges for about a week and decided on one that we all liked. It was black and shiny and had those fancy in-door ice and water dispensers.

After buying a new fridge, we realized we would have to get new floor, because the place where the water ruined the tile looked terrible. My parents went out again, this time to look for new flooring for the kitchen and the dining room. They picked out hardwood.

My dad began pulling up the other flooring to find layer and layers (four more layers to be exact) beneath our original. It was pretty funny looking at all of them. You could tell which ones were from the 70's and 80's. ;P

In our kitchen we've had the same wallpaper hanging in there for 15 years--ever since we moved in. I begged and begged my mom to take it down. If we're getting a new fridge and flooring, the wallpaper will look even more outdated and we've just got to rip it all down. I won. (:

We picked out some green paint, (our wallpaper was green and white) and began pulling it all down while my dad was pulling the floor up. One of the layers of flooring before us was put down with glue so when my dad pulled it up, we'd get the glue on our shoes and then we'd track the wallpaper all over the house! Our house really was a mess!
You can see the old wallpaper, and all the stuff on the ground we had already pulled down!
This is where our old fridge used to be and where our new one soon would be.
Our kitchen table was absolutely covered with kitchen appliances, tools, and everything else that we couldn't have in the kitchen. We had to pull out our card table and eat at that instead. My mom couldn't cook, we just had take out for a couple of days. It was pretty fun actually.

Things really started to come along as my dad got the floor down and me and my mom started to paint.
This was taken on my phone, so it's a bit blurry, but this is the general color. (and you can see all our crap on the counter!)
My mom wasn't too sure about the color but I absolutely love it. After that it was just putting on finishing touches and cleaning up! I think we're still vacuuming things up from it!

I wish I would've taken some good before pictures so you could compare, buuuut I didn't, so I apologize. But doesn't it look great now! I think our black fridge ties all our other appliances in well, since they're black too.
I think sometime in the near future we're going to get new counter tops, which would be cool. :)

I really can't wait til I can have my own house and decorate it the way I want. I love decorating and painting and all that kind of stuff. I love the kitchen, and I can't wait to do that kind of stuff to my house. Do you all like decorating/painting or stuff like that?


01/22/2011 2:30pm

I've never really redecorated - my mum does all that sort of thing. But your kitchen looks well nice - I see you in the window! :P

We recently had to get a new fridge as well - doesn't really affect me cause I'm not at home much, but whatever haha - I like it cause it's cute and small, and I don't have to reach so far to get to the top shelf. Lol!

Yeah, our library is pretty loud as well - which is okay but because our presentation is pretty important we don't wanna get distracted or interrupted. Haha :) x

01/22/2011 9:08pm

Cool! A new mini-house makeover! ^__^! First, it`s the fridge then the tiles, then the walls! That is awesome :D! A fresh makeover :P Or face uplift :O!

Dads are cool if they are a do-it-yourself-er. :P. It saves money and gives them something to do. Oh, men.

You are logical! Gotta change the walls if you`re changing the floors too :P! And getting a new fridge :O

Your new fridge looks cool! It looks almost like the one I have but its black :P. My parents bought a white one. But I wanted a stainless steel one, (that is expensive D:) But white is decent, since most of our appliances are white :P Except for the stove. Because I picked out a stainless steel one. I`m weird.

The makeover looks super nice! ^__^~! Hope you`ll enjoy it :D!

I got.. C's and B's and a few A's on my report cards . :/. My GPA barely passes the 3.0 mark. :/. I`m like. A lame kid compared to the other kids at school :O That are asian. D:

01/22/2011 10:43pm

Awh, that's a super cute idea :) I would love to get something like that as a present. It goes to show that you didn't just buy something and shove it in their face, it took time and stuff n_n

HP Series is really good. I'm about finished the 3rd book and then I can't wait to start the goblet of fire.

- - - - - -

I love painting and all that, but dad would never let me paint when I was younger, when he used to reno. But I guess I know why haha. The kitchen looks great, you guys did a nice job :) I'm lucky mum and dad got us built a house only two years ago; it doesn't need any work done on it! :3 Cept maybe my carpets. I spill coffee and make-up on them in the mornings :(


01/23/2011 6:19am

Hahaa wow. 8D I can't believe all that happened in the past few days! I'm glad you got it all sorted out though. I think it's crazy you had layers of floor. I know there's floor under our carpet but it sounds weird that the floor wasn't pulled up with each layer. :P

The new fridge looks spiffy. We've had ours 20 years or something. Just the other day my mum was telling me that fridges would last so long you'd only need two in your lifetime. Ours seems to be fine, thankfully. :D

The new look is fantastic, you guys did a great job haha! Usually people struggle fixing things themselves. I always hate calling up people to help with anything when you could just give it a go yourself. 8D

I am really looking forward to having my own place... I really am. My boyfriend and I have talked about it already, and about the sushi cushions and painting we'll have hanging. I used to want to do interior design but changed my mind. I know I really will like having my own place though. I don't like it at home but I just know that when I get my OWN place I'll be more willing to clean up and stuff. Sounds selfish but it's true! D:

Wow. O_o; I remember getting book lists in school but I always read a lot anyway, my parents were pretty happy about that. But reading books seriously takes a lot of time, you're right. It's enjoyable but sometimes you have to find the time to be able to settle down and read.

01/23/2011 7:11am

oeh your kitchen looks so nice. the color green is great.

01/23/2011 2:08pm

That guy is overly bipolar - it's really awkward, sometimes, hanging out with him.

He came over to our flat and kept asking me to hold this battery because "it'll make me feel happy and I will Jesus with me". I don't know whether he was drunk already... -_-

I'm not entirely sure about Catholicism, I think that you're not allowed to drink but then again Jesus did turn water into wine in the Bible. Haha.


01/23/2011 10:36pm

Wow, your family went through a lot of redecorating recently! But the kitchen looks really great. :)

That's cool that you are into painting and decorating! I really don't have much talent when it comes to art, but I designed my room and it turned out alright. ;)

01/24/2011 4:57pm

Thanks for your suggestions and honesty, i appreciate it :D . I have joined a lot of contests and such in the past, but nothing ever came out of it. Oh well..

Water damage is terrible! and I'm glad it wasn't worse than what it was. Woohoo mini makeover! The updates/changes look great :D
Who knew, from a little water damange to a new (in a sense) kitchen!

01/25/2011 7:48am

(This is such a late reply to your post the other day. D:)

It's funny that our handwriting can be analyzed to correspond with your personality, but what happens when you decide to change something in the way you write? Does that mean your personality changes also?

Definitely give Unearthly by Cynthia Hand a shot. It's a nice relief for anyone ever exhausted by the thought of Twilight.

Wow, your kitchen looks great. I'm secretly terrified of having to design and decorate my own place so it won't be an ugly mess. (I'll probably get help from my mother and sister since they actually know which colors go with what.)

01/25/2011 4:05pm

At first I thought it looked too busy, then realised it was just notes and stuff stuck on the fridge.

I live alone, so I do not have a need for notes to be left around the house.

However, when I lived with my family, our fridge looked like that: shopping lists, paintings, bin man / recycling dates etc.

01/27/2011 3:51am

*goes off topic*
The song walking on air was from her first album.

My nano year went great, because i got the 50,000 words *yay*. but the problem now is that the story is dying.


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