I'm not usually real big on these things, as I usually make them and fail to follow through, or they're pretty much meaningless generic crap that everyone wants to do. But! I do like to set goals, and I think it's good to evaluate things from the past year in order to try and become a better person. So here are some resolutions/goals that I hope I can fullfill in the upcoming year:
  • To maintain a 4.0+ GPA. I don't think this should be terribly difficult, as I'm taking a few honors/weighted classes (meaning an 'A' is a 5.0 opposed to the traditional 4.0), so I have a bit of leeway to make a B and still have a good GPA. Which is good.
  • To eat healthier and maybe shed a few pounds. I like junk food, and I love eating candy even more. The unfortunate thing is, these are not healthy at all. I'd like to become a bit more active, stop eating like a cow, and start living a little healthier. I think I'll feel better about myself, and I'll be more prepared for my upcoming trip to Europe this summer.
  • To read more. I used to love to read and I would read all the time in middle school; I'd read a book a day. Now, I read about a book a month. :( I still hold the same passion for reading that I used to, but now I have much less time on my hands. I now have a boyfriend, am taking much more difficult classes, still am an active part of my youth group, spending more time on the computer and on my blog, etc etc. I received quite a few books for Christmas, so I plan to read them, which I'm excited for. :)
  • Try to not be such a worry-wart. I can and will worry about every little thing. This worry inevitably causes stress, to the point I just sit down on my bed and cry. It's not healthy, and I hate it. I know this is something that I can't just fix overnight, this will take time. But I know that if I can worry less, I'll be less stressed, and I will be considerably happier. Who doesn't want to be happy? 
I hope you all had a fantastic New Year. I spent it with Becky and Andrew; we didn't really do too much except eat a bunch of junk food and watch a few movies. It was nice, nonetheless. We didn't have any fireworks, so we drove to a convenient store nearby and got Pop Rocks, haha. That's close enough to fireworks, right? :P


01/02/2011 2:55am

Thanks Becca! I hope your New Year's resolutions goes as planned! I'm sure it will if you stick to it. But yeah, I do have a lot going on this month and I'm already broke :(. waaaaaaaaahhhhh. Oh well; at least I got to get my hands on a copy of Harrison Ford's newest movie "Extraordinary Measures". Heehee and some other stuff as well. Heehee all is good. Yup yup. Well; take care I'm going to bed!

01/02/2011 8:49am

Best of luck with your new years resolutions! Those are all really great things to try to do this year. Gah, my school is evil so an A in honors classes is only 4.5. /: At least I think.

Pop rocks are always a great substitute for fireworks. I should have thought of that!


That's nice. (: Me too. Yeah, I did mean extra-terrestrial life, but aliens can also mean illegal immigrants so... I don't know why the quotes made that anymore clear. xD

01/02/2011 6:59pm

I don't usually make new year's resolutions either.
Those are good resolutions though. I need to steal some of them. :)
My reading has slacked off a whole lot more. But it is mainly because I like fantasy more than 'reality' books. And it can be hard to find a good and wholesome fantasy book without a bunch or witchcraft of false gods.
I'm sure God will help you not to worry as much. Sometimes it does take time. You are on the right track!
Happy New Year!
I'd rather do pop rocks than fire crackers any day. :D


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