As my Junior (11th) year is almost coming to a close (well, sort of...), we have all received sheets to sign up for next year's classes. After this semester, I will have all of the required classes I need to graduate (i.e. personal finance, gym, health, etc.) out of the way so I have a lot of free room in my schedule. I think I have it pretty much narrowed down to what I want to take. It's going to be challenging, and I might just dig myself a hole and die, but I'm going to give my senior year my all:

(Classes with '1818' in them are college credit courses. Slots with / indicate it is a semester long class. Class before / is semester 1 class, after is semester 2.)

  1. Writing Workshop 1818 / Brit Lit 1818
  2. AP Bio
  3. AP World History
  4. Foreign Policy 1818
  5. French IV
  6. AP Calculus
  7. Contemporary Fiction / OPEN

Needless to say, I'm going to have a very rigorous and tough schedule. I still have to find another semester long class I want to take, but other than Contemporary Fiction, all of my classes are all honors classes.

I tried to load my schedule with as many honors classes as possible (that I had at least a remote interest in) so I can make the Top Ten of my class. I know, that probably isn't the wisest decision; countless number of people told me to not take a class just because it was honors, but making the top ten is really important to me. I'm not even exactly sure why, to be honest. I guess I want to prove not only to others, but also to myself that I can do it. I will definitely be proud of myself.

Normally, making Top Ten is difficult, but not nearly impossible. At my school, we offer a variety of different engineering classes. My freshman year, they started to offer them, so they required us to take Introduction to Engineering Design (IED), so my class is kind of the class that the overachievers take engineering classes. They are all considered honors, so are weighted as 5.0 instead of standard 4.0. I, on the other hand, hated IED and had no desire to continue onto the other engineering classes. In this way, my rank fell because I was not taking another honors class every year like the others. I'm trying to make up for it this year.

I'm also looking forward to a lot of these classes I've signed up for. It's just an added bonus that annoying underclassmen will not be in them and won't annoy me. Hurray! I just really hope that I can get into all of them and that they don't conflict with each other.

A lot of my friends have already narrowed down where they want to go to college. As I don't really have much idea about what I want to do, besides continuing French, I decided I better scoot my booty and at least look at a couple of colleges online. So the past couple of days, I have been doing some research and I think I've decided that there's a possibility I'll major in French. I'm not sure if I can really see myself being a translator or a teacher, or the other various jobs, but French is always something I've loved and I thought I at least should try it.

I also would absolutely love to study abroad. I think it would be an incredible experience and I would meet tons of new people and learn so much. I love traveling and I think it would be so cool to really experience what it's like to live in another culture.

This narrowed down the colleges I was looking at considerably, as quite a few don't offer French or study abroad programs. I've found two colleges so far that I really like, and I talked to my mother about them and she liked my choices. They're in-state, which will eliminate some unwanted expenses, and they're also within three hours driving distance.

As a bit of a side note: I remember saying how worried I was about my ACT test, but I don't remember if I ever said what I got on it. I received a 26, which is a respectable score. Of course I would've liked it to be higher, but I plan on taking it again in April and hopefully I can boost it up a couple points!

The whole looking for colleges that I want to attend really has got me excited for college. I'm looking forward to getting out of high school and getting on with my life, as well as getting out of the same old routine and city. I know I'll miss a lot of things, but sometimes I just can't wait to get out of here!


01/19/2011 7:39pm

Wow, good luck with all of your classes next year! That sounds like a really busy schedule. o: It's great that you are aiming high academically but you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself. Being in the top ten is great, but it's not necessary and you shouldn't always compare yourself to others (or at least make it your goal to be better). But good luck! If that's something you really want to do then give it a shot.

Ah, French would be interesting to learn! You could definitely go to France and study it. Maybe you could be the ambassador to France or something? xD

Wow, you did great on your ACT! That's really cool. ^^ Best of luck boosting the score as well.

It's great that you are excited for college! It's definitely a big step in life. (:


Viruses are pretty bad. I do have an antivirus program but I think I actually unknowingly gave it permission to molest my computer. xD But it's okay because it's fixed now.

You have some great wishes! :D I wish all of those for you, too. Overachievers are pretty cool. ^^ Bananas are cool too!

01/20/2011 1:31pm

Ahahaaha, that's funny...I actually thought you were in college lol. Ooops my bad. Oh well; at least you have a good insight of what you want your goal to be for the future! I do too really. I would like to get my car fixed, and initially get a job even if it it's just a fast food restaurant job (but hey it's better than no job at all right?). It'll keep my mind occupied, and myself busy and what not and will definitely get me out of the house and everything. I'm so looking forward to that! I'm also looking forward into saving up for a place of my own, and I'm not sure if it's going to be in Los Angeles right away, but I'm not really sure as of yet though. That's in the future, God will let me know when my time is come to move out there if at all. Ya know?

Yeah it was really great talking to him. He logged off abruptly though and than logged back in and I said ok well; I'll talk to you later cause I guess you're busy and don't wanna talk, but I'll talk to you later. And he IM's with me umm you're wrong. I wanna chat with you etc.etc. so I know he cares ^^; bliss. haha. But yeah.

Anyway, good luck on your senior year courses! Senior year was a blast when I was a senior! Good times, good times. Haha. But yeah. I found out that I can actually text over to Japan now ^__^ woo. I actually had met a friend on facebook whose in the Phillipines right now on business, but he's half Japanese/Filipino, but anyway, he told me to try it and I did and well; whaddya know? it worked! I just had to put the stupid + symbol in front and it worked! :O. So I texted Takuto but got no response back so I guess he was busy or something. I dunno. I have no idea how much the texting is going to come out to be, but if it does come out to be anything I told my dad last night I will pay him back.

01/20/2011 3:06pm

Thank you for you comment on my site. c: Algebra II is not so bad (if you're there to learn it) for me. It was more Geometry and having to prove how you found everything that killed my good streak in math. Oh, well.

Now I kind of wish my high school would offer some of those classes. Of course, I have no idea what is on the extensive list. I wish the school would offer a more varied classes on topics, besides basic English, Creative Writing, et cetera. But if it is enough for college, I'm not complaining.

I know a friend who is interested in doing foreign exchange this coming school year. A bit different than study abroad, but the idea is the same.

01/20/2011 5:01pm

Ah, the days when I used to spend hours comparing universities.

For me, I wanted to get away from home. Not so much my family, cause I miss them like crazy, but more London as a whole because it was just too busy sometimes for me. Coventry is nice and relaxed which is good :)

That's sounds like a lot of work to undertake but it sounds like you can do it, so I have faith in you :)

I'm just looking for a job in the city centre - something I can do on weekends because I'm busy with uni and driving lessons during the week :)x

01/20/2011 6:34pm

I hope you`ll get the classes you want :D! The courses you choose for next year seems challenging! You can do it! :D 3 AP classes with 1 college level course is like. hardcore XD! You can do it! Don`t give up, don`t start bad hbabits, do your homework, study a lot, and get a 3+ on the AP Exams!

Good luck in AP Calculus :) I remembered that I got.. a F in that class D': then dropped it halfway through last semester. :O You can ace it :D

:O I remembered taking an Engineering class last year :P It was for drafting though :O It was pretty cool :P But its different than design :P

I took french for 2 years :O I hated the teacher, so it influenced me to hate french D': But I want to learn french-again. BUT with different teacher :O

Congratulations on getting a 26 on your ACT score ^__^!

01/20/2011 8:23pm

No, the challenge definitely went by really quickly! At the end of winter break I felt like the break had gone by really quickly but then the last three weeks have gone by way too fast. /:

Ooh, I hope you guys got lots of snow! It snowed here this afternoon and I might have no school or a delay because the roads are supposed to freeze overnight. o:

Yes, giving it your all is the most important thing! I bet you will be able to handle it. It might take a couple of weeks to get used to the business but you can do it.

It would! You should just look at colleges in France. That would be awesome. :D


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