I have had the longest week of my life. Not really, but it seemed like it lasted forever. I'm sorry I haven't replied to any of my comments in like a week! I've had a butt load of homework and then this weekend all I wanted to do was sit on my butt. Which I did, for the most part. But, I'll try to be returning those in a timely manner!

This weekend was really what I needed. On Friday night, a bunch of friends and I went out to celebrate my friend Julia's 17th birthday. We all planned to meet up at Bandanas (a local BBQ restaurant) at 6:30 and then afterwards go for some FroYo.

My friend Jacqueline needed a ride and I was already planning on driving so I offered to give her a ride. I forgot that she so conveniently lives on a really busy street, so backing out of her driveway is a pain and I almost killed us both, twice. It then took us about half an hour to get to Bandanas because neither of us had been to that specific one (don't mind the fact that I was using a GPS!) so we got lost. It was quite an adventure, to say the least, but we arrived alive.

It was really good just to hangout with friends that I haven't seen in a while and just to be dumb. If you've never been to FroYo (I'm not really sure if it's a local place or not), it's absolutely amazing. You walk in and you grab this big cup and they just have big machines lining the walls of frozen yogurt and you put whatever flavors you want in it. Then they have a whole counter full of toppings and you pile whatever you want on top. When you go to pay, you just sit your cup on a scale and they charge you per ounce. It's a really cute place; the walls were pink and the chairs were this cute green color. It was adorable. And delicious.
A picture of the gang. I'm stuck in the middle right. :)
Oh yeah, when I got home, I locked the keys in the car. I walked inside and just kinda started getting ready for bed and my dad was like, "Where's the keys?" Uh.... haha. xD Thankfully, my mom also has a pair of keys for the car, so we didn't have to call anyone to come break in to our car. I'm just glad I did it when I got home and not when I was out!

On Saturday, Andrew came over and we made funnel cakes. :) He had never made them before and they were absolutely delicious. I also managed to "accidentally" get powdered sugar all over his face. Ahh. :D Afterwards we just watched the movie "Knocked Up." I wasn't sure if I would like it, but it was actually pretty funny.

In other news, we're supposed to be expecting a huge storm all this week, which is why I decided to update today. We're expecting 2-3 inches of ice in the morning and then sometime Monday night to Wednesday morning we're supposed to be getting like 15 inches of snow. Which is crazy!! We're kind of expecting to lose power, so if I disappear for a while, I'm still alive!


02/01/2011 12:37am

Wow that's a lot of people! I never knew you could drive. xD The "FroYo" place sounds really awesome. :D But I don't really like yoghurt...Once we got locked out of our own house. :D I can't remember how though. :S Wow that's a lot of snow! No snow here(Australia), only in the mountains.

02/01/2011 11:57am

Happy belated birthday to your friend, Julia :D!

I hate it when it is like impossible to back up your car into a busy street :/. Some drivers in the world are not even courtesy!

Getting lost is a normal thing. :P theres no problem to it as long as you dont give up and go home. :P

:O FroYo sounds like Yogurtland here for some reason :P!

Funnel cakes sounds delicious :P

Seens like you have had a busy weekend!

2~3 inches of ice is a lot! D: We have.. 0 in LA :O! Its just cold here :P!

02/01/2011 12:43pm

I totally love birthday parties! They are a ton of fun. I went to one last year, and while I didn't know any of her friends I had a blast!
FroYo sounds great. I'm on the other side of the country from you though. So that may be why I don't have it.
I'm glad about those keys. That can be awful. :)
I've never made funnel cakes either. I don't even know what that is. :D I should look them up they sound yummy.
I heard about the storm. I don't know if we have warnings over here. I heard it is supposed to hit 20 states.

02/01/2011 12:45pm

Sorry you had a long week and lots of homework! That's never fun. Weekends are always really relaxing and it sounds like you had a really fun one. Argh, darn busy streets. I would never be able to do that. I don't think a GPS will help me when I start driving either...

I think we have a FroYo in our city but I have never been. We have a couple of other places that are exactly like that. :D They are always really good.

Ooh, you are lucky your mom had an extra pair of keys. That is always a big problem if you don't have extra keys.

Ooh, funnel cakes! How do you make those? They are so good. Haha, I would probably have gotten powdered sugar on any other person's face too.

Wow, 15 inches of snow? That is a lot! I hope you and your family and friends stay safe. ^^


Haha, seriously! A lot of them I have never heard of before.

Thank you! Yes, everyone loves food. ;D My grandmother's birthday is New Year's Eve so I understand what you mean. Ah, that would be nice.

Sorry you didn't enjoy Biology. D: I have a great teacher. Thanks!

02/02/2011 12:56pm

Haha, thank you! (: Elephants love you. Oh, cool! Yeah, I would definitely try that if I had the recipe. I love funnel cakes. So delicious. Our weather people actually never get anything right. Oh well. Two snow days are totally worth it! Aww. You will learn soon enough.

02/03/2011 7:17pm

I hope you survive the storm! I'm sure you will. A cyclone just hit part of Australia a day ago and so far no one's been injured. I hope the aftermath of the storm isn't so bad either. I've never heard of FroYo. It sounds delicious! We have Yoghurtilicious or something like that, but you don't have the fun of getting your treat yourself. I'm glad you had a spare key... if you were out and accidentally locked the keys in the car, that would be terrible! D: I've been horrid with comments too, taking a while to respond to them all. It happens though... we all have to be excused once in a while. :3 Sometimes I get mushy talking about James, he says I'm sometimes really mushily romantic. I don't mind, and he doesn't! It is a bit cheesy though. :P You're welcome! :) My mum doesn't like things too plain, but she loves decorating the house with "accessories", like plants and statues and things. We could have the house so boring and my mum would love buying things to dress it up. XP Ooh! My parents have only been married about 20 but the fridge was bought soon after they got married... which means it's still crazy old! My mum says fridges are generally long lasting so I'll only need two in my life or something.

02/03/2011 9:29pm

Happy birthday to your friend! :) Ooh, scary! The thought of driving still freaks me out. I'm getting my permit in a couple of months, but I still haven't been able to get behind the wheel without having a heart attack. Good thing you got there safe and sound! :) I LOVE frozen yogurt places like that... there's this local yogurt place where I live too, and it's literally only two streets away from where I live. You get to choose your flavors and toppings and everything... Yummm... :D Looks like you had a good time. :) Oh no! That's good your mom had a spare set of keys! I know I've locked myself out of the house on numerous occasions. Once Juniper and I went outside to get sodas (they were in the garage) and she closed the door, not knowing it automatically locked. We ended up locked out of the house, barefoot, and both of my parents were away. xD I've never had a funnel cake before! Are they good? That sounds cute. :) Yikes! I hate the snow. Stay safe!

02/03/2011 9:37pm

Haha, aw. That's the same with me. And also I hear stories of myself doing weird things when I was younger, and I can't believe some of the crazy shit I did. --------------------------------------- haha, well you'd be a better driver than me. I'm going to get my L's this year. :) Ugh, storms huh. Least you ain't getting cyclones and floods like Queensland. I feel so sorry for them. Just after the floods there was a massive cyclone. Biggest ever seen in that state. D:


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