About a month ago, in front of our refrigerator, our tile was starting to push up from the ground. There was moisture around the area, and my dad assumed that there was water under there. Water from where? We weren't sure exactly, but we guessed the fridge.

We came to the conclusion that we needed a new fridge. So, me, my mom, and my dad went out and looked at fridges for about a week and decided on one that we all liked. It was black and shiny and had those fancy in-door ice and water dispensers.

After buying a new fridge, we realized we would have to get new floor, because the place where the water ruined the tile looked terrible. My parents went out again, this time to look for new flooring for the kitchen and the dining room. They picked out hardwood.

My dad began pulling up the other flooring to find layer and layers (four more layers to be exact) beneath our original. It was pretty funny looking at all of them. You could tell which ones were from the 70's and 80's. ;P

In our kitchen we've had the same wallpaper hanging in there for 15 years--ever since we moved in. I begged and begged my mom to take it down. If we're getting a new fridge and flooring, the wallpaper will look even more outdated and we've just got to rip it all down. I won. (:

We picked out some green paint, (our wallpaper was green and white) and began pulling it all down while my dad was pulling the floor up. One of the layers of flooring before us was put down with glue so when my dad pulled it up, we'd get the glue on our shoes and then we'd track the wallpaper all over the house! Our house really was a mess!
You can see the old wallpaper, and all the stuff on the ground we had already pulled down!
This is where our old fridge used to be and where our new one soon would be.
Our kitchen table was absolutely covered with kitchen appliances, tools, and everything else that we couldn't have in the kitchen. We had to pull out our card table and eat at that instead. My mom couldn't cook, we just had take out for a couple of days. It was pretty fun actually.

Things really started to come along as my dad got the floor down and me and my mom started to paint.
This was taken on my phone, so it's a bit blurry, but this is the general color. (and you can see all our crap on the counter!)
My mom wasn't too sure about the color but I absolutely love it. After that it was just putting on finishing touches and cleaning up! I think we're still vacuuming things up from it!

I wish I would've taken some good before pictures so you could compare, buuuut I didn't, so I apologize. But doesn't it look great now! I think our black fridge ties all our other appliances in well, since they're black too.
I think sometime in the near future we're going to get new counter tops, which would be cool. :)

I really can't wait til I can have my own house and decorate it the way I want. I love decorating and painting and all that kind of stuff. I love the kitchen, and I can't wait to do that kind of stuff to my house. Do you all like decorating/painting or stuff like that?
Last night, the weatherman predicted that we would get around 3-5 inches of snow. My school canceled that night and I was looking forward to sleeping in the morning. Around 10:30 a.m. this morning, my mom pulled the covers off my bed and jerked me out of my happy dreams.

She ran to my window and threw back the curtains and I was immediately blinded by the brightness emanating from outside. When my eyes got adjusted to the whiteness, I couldn't believe my eyes. We had a foot of snow, holy cow!

Later on in the day, my mom sent me up to a neighbor up the street to get some cream cheese to make some gooey butter cake and I was like, sure no problem. Then I realized I don't have any good shoes to go trudge out in the snow with. So by the time I got back, everything up to my shins was soaked and very cold!

The point is, I really need a pair of boots. I've been needing some for a long while now. I've always borrowed my mom's if I really needed some but I realize that they're too big once I start walking in them and I just really need my own! We've gotten a lot of snow this winter and trekking to school through snow isn't really fun at all!

I know I don't want Uggs, or the fake rip-off Uggs either. There is just something about those boots that I just don't like. Plus, everyone and their mother (literally) has them. I was thinking something maybe like these:
Aren't these cute! Well, I thought so. ;) I figure if we have a foot of snow and I plan on getting out of the house anytime soon without having to take a change of socks, I need to get me some boots! My school has canceled for tomorrow, so I'm going to enjoy my day off of school. That's two days in a row! Hopefully I can head out to Target and try and find me some! Andrew wants to take me out to IHOP, so maybe I can get some boots before then and try them out?

and oh, how I love getting new shoes! :)

Do you own a pair of boots? If so, tell me about them! Also, do you have any suggestions regarding what kind of boots I should get?
Normally, I really hate shopping for clothes. Every time I go to a store, the clothes keep getting smaller and more expensive, and it makes me feel like I'm getting bigger and bigger... horizontally, that is; and I'm not even considered overweight.

Let me tell you, I have been putting this off for a while as I was dreading it and I finally realized I just needed to get it over with. So tonight I went shopping as I desperately needed some new jeans and shirts and a jacket.  I was looking at some of the jackets and I found one that was slightly similar to one I got a couple years ago. My old jacket still fits and I still wear it, and when I bought it, it was a medium. So when trying on this new jacket, the one that fitted was an extra-large. Really? They have to keep making the sizes smaller and smaller and smaller? I don't really see the point of making the all the clothes anorexic sized.

Either way, I normally hate shopping because I always feel like I need to go lose weight cause nothing ever fits and I need to stop eating so much and blah blah blah. But! Tonight, I was victorious! So take that you evil clothing stores. I managed to get two pairs of jeans, some nice black pants for church, a couple of long-sleeved shirts, annnndddddddd A PEA COAT! :DD
I have been wanting a pea coat for the longest time and I guess for various different reasons, I never got one. Tonight, however, I found a really cute one that I loved and got for a great deal. It was originally $100, but it was already on sale for 30% off, (which would bring it to $70), and then I had a coupon for 50% off that, so it came down to 35$. Oh yes!

So overall, it was a very successful trip and I was in a good mood when I left, which is indeed rather rare. So, a question: Am I the only one that absolutely hates clothe shopping? Any tips on how I can hate it less?